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Bullets = Projectiles Only.
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I’m just a plinker and casual target shooter but I tend to go through about 5K rounds a year of 223. As a result I  try to buy 223 bullets in bulk. I shoot 55gr FMJBT (M193) almost exclusively.  I understand that the US Army uses 62gr ammo exclusively and so the 55gr may become harder to find in bulk. The days of being able  to buy mil-surp pulled bulk 223 bullets for $50/thousand are long gone, unfortunately.

The following people have .223 bullets / projectiles for reloading in stock as of 6/26/2014:

223 Bbullets
NOTE: Brownells’ has 55gr V-Max projectiles right now for $39.99 for 250. That’s almost as inexpensive as generic M193s.

Retailer In-Stock Status
Brownell’s Yes
Sportsman’s Warehouse Yes
Hi-Tech Ammo Yes
The Bullet Works (Note 1) Yes
Sinclair International Yes
Surplus Ammo Yes
Brassman Brass Yes
Wideners Yes
Midway USA Yes
Everglades Ammo Yes
ET Brass Ammo Yes

Note 1: Over the past 2-3 years I’ve personally bought and shot several thousand rounds of .223 55gr FMJ projectiles from The Bullet Works and have been very pleased with them



  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for the tips! Just starting reloading (at probably the worst/best time ever) and the links were helpful.

  2. Tom Jennings says:

    you rock keep it you have become a bookmark

  3. Rod Mason says:

    Here is another good place for the list ET Brass, Eric and Trina are really good people and I deal with them a lot at the gun shows in Ohio, + they do mail order also.


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