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223 Bullet Suppliers

Filed in Articles, Bullets by on June 28, 2011 3 Comments • views: 14390

Bullets = Projectiles Only.
If you are looking for .223 ammunition Click Here

I’m just a plinker and casual target shooter but I tend to go through about 5K rounds a year of 223. As a result I  try to buy 223 bullets in bulk. I shoot 55gr FMJBT (M193) almost exclusively.  I understand that the US Army uses 62gr ammo exclusively and so the 55gr may become harder to find in bulk. The days of being able  to buy mil-surp pulled bulk 223 bullets for $50/thousand are long gone, unfortunately.

The following people have .223 bullets / projectiles for reloading in stock as of 1/3/2016:

223 Bbullets

Retailer In-Stock Status
Brownell’s Yes
Sportsman’s Warehouse Yes
Hi-Tech Ammo Yes
The Bullet Works (Note 1) Yes
Sinclair International Yes
Surplus Ammo Yes
Brassman Brass Yes
Wideners Yes
Midway USA Yes

Note 1: Over the past 2-3 years I’ve personally bought and shot several thousand rounds of .223 55gr FMJ projectiles from The Bullet Works and have been very pleased with them


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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for the tips! Just starting reloading (at probably the worst/best time ever) and the links were helpful.

  2. Tom Jennings says:

    you rock keep it you have become a bookmark

  3. Rod Mason says:

    Here is another good place for the list ET Brass, Eric and Trina are really good people and I deal with them a lot at the gun shows in Ohio, + they do mail order also.

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