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Where Can I Buy 223 Ammunition Cheap?

Filed in Ammo, Articles by on June 28, 2011 0 Comments • views: 688

There are many sources online for inexpensive 223 ammunition. Some personal critera:

  • Brass cases. not steel. I’m sure my Century C93 will feed steel-cased ammo with no problem. As a reloader however, I want casings that I can reload.
  • Boxer-primed, not Berdan-primed. Berdan-primered cases cannot generally be reloaded.
  • Non-corrosive primers.

Because I’m just plinking for doing short-rage (100 yds or less) target shooting, I use ammunition that is 55Gr FMJBT.  This is my list of inexpensive ammo that meets these requirements:

  • Federal American Eagle
  • Remington UMC
  • PMC
  • BVAC
  • Prvi Partizan

UPDATED 9/2/2013

Finding .223 at any price right now is next to impossible. Here are some sources who have .223 in stock as of 9/2/2013, though you may not like the prices:

(I like Cabellas because shipping is free if I have my online purchase shipped to my local store)

Sportsman’s Guide

Sinclair International

Lucky Gunner

Ammunition Depot

Palmetto State Armory

United Nations Ammo Company

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