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Reloading Powder In-Stock Status

The following retailers have reloading powder in stock as of 8/9/2014.

Reloading PowderKeep in mind when ordering powder that a hazmat fee (about $27) will usually be added to the shipping charge. Some retailers absorb the hazmat fee if the order is sufficiently large.

I’m starting to see IMR powder back in stock most places. Perhaps this means it’s the beginning of the end of the reloading powder drought.

Retailer In Stock?
Brownell’s Very Few Items in Stock
Cabela’s No
Powder Valley Inc Very few items in stock
Sportsman’s Warehouse No
Bruno Shooters Supply Very few items in stock
Sinclair International Very few items in stock
Natchez Shooters Supply No
Widener’s No
Pat’s Reloading No
Graf & Sons Very few items in stock
Selway Armory Yes
Third Generation Very few items in stock
Butch’s Reloading YNo

If you need a small quantity of reloading powder I suggest you buy  locally even if the price is high. The price will probably still be lower than the online retailer’s price plus the hazmat fee.

Many people I know band together and create a single large order from the online retailer so that the shipping charge and hazmat fee are divided up between all buyers.

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