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How Many Rounds Can I Get Out Of A Pound Of Powder?

Filed in Articles, Getting Started Reloading by on July 2, 2011 2 Comments • views: 3102

There are 7,000 grains per pound.

Divide 7,000 by the number of grains per charge to get the total number of rounds per pound.

For example, I load my 45 ACP cartridges with 5.5 grains of Unique, which results in 1272 rounds from a pound of powder.

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  1. Tom Perdue says:

    I have just started reloading for my 45acp. Using 230 gn fmj w/Unique. How many gn is your bullet? I am loading 6.2 gn of Unique… somewhat erratic results at the paper.

    • Dave Barnhart says:

      I use 5.5 grains of unique. It’s certainly not the hottest load but it is one I’ve been using for years with good results.

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