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Brass Grabber 1911 Review

Filed in Articles, Brass Catchers, Shooting by on July 27, 2011 0 Comments • views: 1958

Brass Grabber is offered by and is a net-likde device attached to a high-quality leather glove. After watching the video on their website it looked god and was worth a try.

Because the Brass Grabber is attached to a glove, it’s important that the glove be a good fit.  Their website does an excellent job of making sure you are able to pick the correct glove size. They provide a nice image of a hand that you print out and place your hand on. It’s easy to see from the marks what the size glove should be.  My Brass Grabber arrived via USPS Priority Mail just 3-4 days after I ordered it.

Brass Grabber and the Colt Combat Commander

My Combat Commander is legendary for spraying brass in almost every direction.  I’ve even had ejected brass land on top of my head.

No matter how I adjusted the Brass Grabber, it was able to catch almost no brass from this gun. As you can see, the Brass Grabber’s main bracket is not parallel with the frame of the gun so there is a gap. This is of course because the back of my hand is not parallel to the gun’s frame. To get the bracket in parallel with the frame (and get the net close enough to do some good) I would have to over-grip the gun.  In addition, the bottom of the Brass Grabber’s net sits too high.  The bracket is adjustable up-and-down but I’ve already got it set to its lowest position.

I’m going to make a couple of small brackets to attach between the Brass Grabber’s main bracket and the net to see if I can get it into a more optimal position.

Having said all that, the Brass Grabber was very comfortable and did not interfere with shooting at all.

UPDATE 1: I’ve not made any modifications to the Brass Grabber yet but I tried it again at the range again today with the same results: about 2 rounds from each magazine managed to land in the net.

UPDATE 2: Careful examination of the trajectory of the ejected brass revealed that the gun ejects the brass upward at an 80 degree angle through an arc of about 60 degrees horizontally.  I carefully repositioned the Brass Grabber’s net to be in this path but the ejected brass simply bounced off the interior side of the net and flew back out.

I’m going to make one more test.  There is an adjustment that allows me to raise the net.  I’m going to see if that will allow more of the net to be in the ejected brass’ trajectory.  Stay Tuned.

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