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The Case For a Brass Catcher

Filed in Articles, Brass Catchers, Shooting by on July 28, 2011 0 Comments • views: 932

I’ve begun shooting at an indoor range. I’m in Arizona. It’s summer. Right now it is 107F outside.

Though it is nice and cool and more productive than shooting at the nearby outdoor range, the indoor range has some negatives: There really is no way to do any bench rest shooting. I can’t go forward of the firing line to collect my brass.

Out of every magazine of .45ACP, 2 or 3 are out of reach. Once-fired 45 ACP brass is pretty inexpensive so I could live with losing a few. My Century Arms C93 (a copy of the Heckler & Koch HK93) very consistently ejects it’s brass at the 2-o’clock position, meaning that none of it would be retrievable. I’d love to be shooting my JLD PTR91 there too put I can’t afford to lose all that .308 brass.

I need to find a suitable mechanism for capturing the ejected brass otherwise I’ll have to resign myself to using the indoor range. pistol shooting only.

I’m going to try/buy several brass-catching contraptions and record my experiences here. Stay Tuned.

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