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E&L Mfg Brass Catcher

Filed in Articles, Brass Catchers, HK, Shooting by on August 1, 2011 1 Comment • views: 4380

It works.  End of Story.

E&L Manufacturing makes a line of brass catchers.

E&L’s first brass catchers were made under contract for the US Air Force for the M16 and M60.  They were used on SAC bases where the Air Force did not want brass laying around on the tarmac where it might get sucked up into a jet engine.  E&L now makes 48 different models of brass catcher designed to fit almost every make and model gun.

Fortunately, Order Number 104 is designed for both the HK91 and HK93. It is reasonably priced at $36.95

No modifications to the rifle are necessary.  It is designed to slip over the top of the receiver and snap into the grooves on the right side below the ejection port. It arrived a couple days after I ordered it and I took it and my trusty Century Arms C93 (clone of the HK93) to the range this past weekend.

I am happy to report that it worked perfectly.  I went through five magazines of 20 rounds each. I emptied it at each magazine change but I’m betting I didn’t have to. There was no tendency for the brass catcher to come loose or fall off.

It just works.

UPDATE: I tried this brass catch out on my JLD PTR-91 (HK-91 clone) this weekend and it worked perfectly.

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