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Mounting a Scope on Your HK91 or PTR91

Filed in Articles, HK, Optics by on November 12, 2011 5 Comments • views: 8830

If you’ve decided to put a scope on your HK91 or PTR91 the next question that comes to mind is, “How do I mount it?”

Hen’s teeth

The mounts made by Brüger & Thomet are inarguably the best. The only company I have found that carries them is DS Arms. These mounts must be made from unobtainium because DSA is always out of them.  I’ve had one on backorder from them for two months. B & T makes two diffeent mounts:

B&T 21174 Low Mount

This one is long.  It extends forword to a point just in front of the ejection port.  If you own an HK91 or PTR91, there are three ‘mounting bumps’ on each side of the receiver.  This mount uses all three.

I like this mount a lot.  If I find one I’m going to buy it because E & L Manufacturing makes a nice little brass catcher designed to attach to a Picatinny rail and so it should work nicely.

One word of warning, If you have the wide handguard then you’ll need to modify it.  The wide handguard covers the front pair of ‘mounting bumps’ and interferes with this mount. You should be able to use a Dremel to remove enough plastic from the handguard to eliminate this interference.

B&T 212612 Universal Mount

This is the one I have.  I managed to find it on the used market  and grabbed it when I had the chance. As you can see, it is shorter, using only the two rear pairs of mounting bumps. It is solid, has never moved, and has not shown the slightest inclination of wanting to come off.

Here it is mounted on my JLD PTR91 (Note that I’m sung a half-inch riser between the mount and the scop):

Other Mounts

The only other Picatinny rail I would consider using is this one from MFI:


Found here, this mount is roughly the same length as the B&T 212612 mount shown above. I’ve not used it but I’ve not heard complaints from those that have.

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  1. Randy says:

    I have the HK claw mount and a TRS-1 Millett scope. The problem is that I run out of elebation adjustment. Should I look for a different mount or is it something I’m doing wrong. I’m using the Burris Extreme rings-low profile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Rich says:

    I tried the MFI, but it didn’t work out. With the MFI, gunsmithing is involved. My PTR91 is a mismatch for the MFI. The mounting grooves on my 91 are cut deeper on one side than the other. The larger issue is the rear site. It is apparently mounted/welded slightly off center, which isn’t a problem using iron sights, but the MFI mounts over the rear sight tang. The short of it is that the rail, although securely mounted, is crooked to the rifle’s centerline. Very annoying between the filing on the mounting points of the MFI to the out of alignment rear 91 sight. The MFI prez said he would refund my purchase price. We’ll see. I just ordered a B&T from DSA.

  3. Mirage says:

    I use the MFI low profile mount with 30mm Medium height rings and a Luepold VX3 4.5-14.5x40mm LR scope (11520). It mounts fine, provides plenty of eye clearance and the charging handle is well clear of the scope front.

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