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Suggested Improvement to the Hornady LnL-AP Priming System

Filed in Articles, Hornady LnL AP, Reloading Presses by on November 21, 2011 1 Comment • views: 1089

The arrow is pointing to the spot on the sub-plate with the cutout for the primer slider. If you own an LnL you know that the profile of this cutout matches the shape of the primer slider pretty well.  The problem is that occasionally grains of powder will get trapped in this area and the slider will stop short of the inboard position.

There is no reason (not that I can see) for this area to match the shape of the slider.  It does not act as the travel stop. If the inboard end of this cutout were bevelled (forming a little ramp) then any loose grains of power caught in this area would have someplace to go instead of jamming the slide.

I am not a machinist or engineer so I’m not going to try it on my own press however.


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  1. Dan says:

    Here’s the fix. remove the primer slide, and lightly chamfer the leading edge on the bottom of the slide. That gives kernels a place to go during your reloading session. Then blow it out when you are finished. Much better than a stoppage with a full shellplate. :o)

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