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Century C93 Accuracy

Filed in Articles, HK, Shooting by on November 27, 2011 0 Comments • views: 1407

Century C93 AccuracyActually, this is more about my accuracy that the gun’s. The gun is still more accurate than I am.

If you are US Army Infantry-trained then you’ll recognize the photo immediately. It is a standard M16/M4 25 meter zeroing target. Place it at 25 meters and the little silhouette in the middle will be the same size as a full-size silhouette placed 300 meters away.

My son gave me a Century C93 as a Christmas gift last Christmas. My son is a US Army Infantryman. In basic training he qualified Expert with his M16 on the very first qualifying attempt. (Expert is the highest level qualification and requires putting at least 36 out of 40 rounds through the circle inside the small silhouette. With iron sites.

While I’ve shot a lot of pistol in my life, up to that point I had very little experience with a rifle. Needless to say, Son Schooled Dad.  He demonstrated what the target looks like after being shot at by someone qualified as he is.  Me? I felt really good that a few of my bullets actually hit the paper.

Well, with a lot of coaching from my son over the past year and about 2000 rounds later, this is the result. Not too bad for a 58 year old guy with poor eyesight, lousy glasses, and iron sights.

As I said, the gun is still more accurate than me. I  expect i’ll continue to improve.

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