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E & L Mfg Flat Top Brass Catcher

Filed in Articles, Brass Catchers, HK by on December 11, 2011 1 Comment • views: 3175

My PTR91 has undergone some changes (Vortex Diamondback scope and B&T Mount). As a result, my HK-specific Brass Catcher from E&L Manufacturing no longer fits. 308 brass is too expensive to lose so I had to find another solution.

Fortunately, E&L Manufacturing has recently introduced a new Universal Brass Catcher designed to mount on any gun with a Picatinny rail.

A pair of square studs are mounted on the rail and the brass catcher body snaps onto the studs.

E&L’s first brass catchers were made under contract for the US Air Force for the M16 and M60.  They were used on SAC bases where the Air Force did not want brass laying around on the tarmac where it might get sucked up into a jet engine. E & L Manufacturing now makes forty sevel different models of brass catcher so it is likely they have one for your gun.

The good news is that it caught every round.  No FTEs or stovepipes or brass missing the opening. Every single round ended up in the Brass Catcher.

THe Bad news is that My PTR91 ejects cases so violently that the cases are getting damaged when they hit the inside of the brass catcher.  The case necks are apparently hitting the inside wall first and many were damaged beyond reuse.

Perhaps a little modification is in order.

E & L Manufacturing Website



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  1. Mike Stuart says:

    if you are going to reload hk91/93 you need the brass buffer that fits into the ejection port. it is available from hk. it reduces the speed of the brass and eliminates the dent in the side of the case.

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