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Enhanced Recoil Buffer for HK91 and PTR91

After putting a hundred rounds through my JLD PTR91, my shoulder hurt. In fact, it was sore for 2 days.  I decided that in order to make the gun more pleasurable to shoot I was going to have to do something about the recoil. It was time to install a better recoil buffer.

If you are not familiar with the HK rifles, refer to the accompanying diagram. The recoil buffer is located at the front of the stock.  Two screws secure the front of it.  Depending upon the manufacturer of your stock, you may or may not have a larger screw securing the back of it to the stock.

Jeff Waters, better known as Ghiliebear2000 on is a master of all things HK. He builds some of the finest HK clones, and his workmanship is renown.

One day he announced on HKPro that he just finished making ten of his famous Ghilliebuffers and would sell them to the first ten takers. Having heard the reputation of these buffers, I did not hesitate to buy one for the princely sum of $55.

You can see the difference in length between the Ghilliebuffer on the left and the – much shorter – standard recoil buffer on the right.

Installation was a no-brainer. Simply remove two screws, slide the old buffer out, slide the Ghilliebuffer in, and re-install the two screws.

The difference in the felt recoil was dramatic. The recoil is about the same as my son’s AR15. I can now shoot my PTR91 all day with no problems.



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