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E & L Mfg Brass Catcher for 1911 Pistols

Filed in Articles, Brass Catchers by on December 16, 2011 2 Comments • views: 3855

E & L Manufacturing’s Brass catchers work great on my rifles.  What about my Colt Combat Commander?

Fortunately, E & L makes one for the 1911 pistol.  As you can see in the attached photo, it wraps around underneath the barrel.

Like the other $ & L Brass Catchers I’ve tried, this one works well.  You might think that the weight of the catcher and the shells would affect the balance and feel but frankly the gun is heavy enough I did not notice the difference.

My only criticism is that it wraps around the slide so tightly that it clears the sight picture by maybe an eighth of an inch. Meaning that there is about 1/8-inch between the top of the sights and the brass catcher.

Getting it on and off is a little fiddly but it captured every shell and caused no malfunctions.

UPDATE: Of all the brass catchers I’ve tried for 1911 this is the one that works the best.

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  1. phil dawson says:

    I have a colt 1911 rail and would like a soft net in a frame.

  2. phil dawson says:

    I have a colt 1911 rail and would like a bag brass catcher. can you do it?

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