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Rifle Shooting at a 25-Yard Range

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Every weekend I head for my favorite shooting range with my .45acp Colt Combat Commander and my .223 C93. “How does he shoot a .223 rifle at a 25-yard range?” Easy – with an M4/M16 25-meter zeroing target. This is the same target used to train our US Army Infantry soldiers.

That little silhouette in the center is exactly the same size as a full-sized silhouette would appear at 300 meters.

At 25 meters that little silhouette is no wider than the blade of my front site so the challenge is there. The same breathing control is required. The same trigger control is required. The point-of Impact of a .223 round is the same at 25 and 300 meters.

As you can see, t’s a perfectly legitimate exercise to bring a .223 rifle to a 25-yeard range.

Of course, I’ve noticed a certain reaction sometimes when I wheel in a target that looks like this one.  I’ve noticed that almost no one else at the range shoots this well – and I don’t consider this super-duper great shooting. My son, US Army Infantry Squad Designated Marksman shoots a lot better than this.

But it is easily achievable. It just takes practice and patience and discipline. It helps a lot that reloading has brought my shooting costs down so low that I can get the amount of practice I need.

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