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45acp Powders and Availability

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What Powders are good for 45acp? I thought is would be useful to create a list of powders applicable to 45acp. This list is the result of an aggregation of powders shown in various reloading manuals I have as used for 45acp.  You must do your own research as to the proper charge.

In-stock status current as of 8/6/2014

Manufacturer Powder In Stock At
Accurate  No 2
Accurate  No 5
Accurate  No 7
Accurate  Solo 1000
Alliant  American Select
Alliant  Bullseye
Alliant  Herco
Alliant  Power Pistol
Alliant  Unique
Alliant  Red Dot
Alliant  Green Dot
Alliant  Blue Dot
Hodgdon  HP38
Hodgdon  Titlegroup
Hodgdon  Longshot
Hodgdon  HS6
Hodgdon  Universal Clays
IMR  4756
IMR  7625
IMR  700X
Ramshot  True Blue
Ramshot  Silhouette
Ramshot  ZIP
Rex  3
Vihtavouri  3N37
Vihtavouri  3N38
Vihtavouri  N320
Vihtavouri  N340
Vihtavouri  N350
Winchester  231
Winchester  WSF


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