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iPhone Apps For Reloaders

Filed in Articles, Reloading Ammo by on July 6, 2014 1 Comment • views: 10948

Your  iPhone can be a helpful tool if you are an ammunition reloader. Under the iPhone’s hood, there is a database engine. Several enterprising developers have leveraged it to produce apps that replace your paper reloading log. And since you take it with you to the shooting range, so why not use it to record your shot groups? Doing so means there is one less thing you have to carry.

As a reloader, I’m often asked about my cost per round. I did those calculations once but it would be nice to have up-to-date information at my fingertips whenever I am in such a conversation.

We scoured the App Store, downloaded every reloading-related app we found, and tried them all out.

AmmoTrackerAmmo Tracker

Ammo Tracker allows you to record the loading data. It is ‘box centric’, meaning that each combination of caliber, powder, projectile, primer, etc is a ‘box’. It does not record the quantity in a box so a box could better be described as a ‘batch’.

The user interface is intuitive and fast though not glamorous. For most fields (caliber, bullet weight, powder, primer, etc) you create ‘pick-lists’ and thereafter simply tap the item in a pick list to select it.

At the range during a shooting session you can take a photo of your shooting results and attach it to the shooting session in Ammo Tracker. Photos can be saved in your photo library or emailed.

You can email for print (using AirPrint) inventory. You can email your inventory as a CSV that can be opened in Excel.

MyRelodrMy Relodr

My Relodr is a reloading log that allows access to your data from either your iPhone of any desktop browser. Unfortunately I was not able to properly evaluate this app. First of all, it requires registration (email address and password), apparently to set up an account on the app’s webserver to you can access your data there as well. Unfortunately this is not an optional process. When you open the app you are presented with the login screen.
The user interface is not as easy to use as some other apps. It does not make use of ‘pick lists’, instead requiring you to fill in each field using the keyboard. Making me type ‘Winchester’ once is ok. Making me type it out every time would try my patience.

To add to the frustration, My Relodr appears to be broken. I entered the data for my first load and clicked the ‘Add’ button. The button changed to ‘Adding’ and stayed there. After several minutes of waiting for something to happen I gave up.

AmmoReloadCostAmmo Reload Cost

Ammo Reload Cost is an app from Titusville Armory and is part of a larger app called Ammo Tools (below). It allows you to enter the purchase price and quantities of your consumables (ie $159 for 8lb of powder) and can then roll it all up into a cost per round.

The downside however is that it cannot hold multiple sets of data, meaning I can’t put in my cost data for .45acp and .223. You get one data set. That’s it.

AmmoToolsAmmo Tools

Ammo Tools is an app from Titusville Armory that is comprised of several small single-purpose apps:

  • Ammo Cost (For calculating costs of factory ammo)
  • Ammo Load
  • Ammo Reload Cost
  • Ammo Ballistics
  • Ammo Sight

Unfortunately they are not tied together. For example you cannot associate the data you enter into Ammo Sight and Ammo Ballistics with the data you entered in Ammo Load. Very Dissapointing. It would also help if the company’s website was not 404.

BallisticBallistic: Standard Edition

Ballistic is a comprehensive ballistics trajectory calculator, intended for serious shooters who want a serious (and seriously accurate) application. Ballistic calculates trajectory, windage, velocity, energy, lead, and bullet flight time for any valid range, and can compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and altitude (it can also accept density of air or density altitute input). It has a library of over 4,800 projectiles and factory loads but the ability to enter your own is limited. This is however, great app for people who are very serious about accuracy.


Hand-Load is a basic reloading-cost calculator. You enter the cost of your consumables (as well as brass) and it calculates the cost for several quantities from to 5000. It can store the data for multiple loads. One unique feature of Hand-Load is that you can factor in the number of times you re-use your brass.

It does make use of ‘pick-lists’ in a few places (specifying projectile price, for example), but it still requires you to manually type the values in most fields.


Reload$Calc is a very basic cost-per-round calculator. It will allow you to enter the cost and quantity data for a single load at a time. There is no provision for saving the data.

The data for all fields must be manually entered via keyboard.


(Note: This app is no longer available.)

ReloaderCal is a basic reloading calculator from RCBS. It will allow you to enter the cost and quantity data for a single load at a time. There is no provision for saving the data.

LoadingBenchThe Loading Bench

The Loading Bench has great potential but it’s just not ‘there’ yet. It’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use., with almost every data filed selected from pick lists.

It has one major flaw however: The only powder manufacturer it knows about is Accurate. As a result the pick lists for powder contains Accurate powders only, with no facility for entering other powders.

My Pick Of The Litter: Ammo Tracker

For me, Ammo Tracker seems to be the only one that is both sufficiently useful and sufficiently easy-to-use.

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  1. Mitch says:

    Ammo Tracker is very good and my pick also

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