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The Remington 700 Project Begins

Filed in Articles, Remington 700 Project by on March 11, 2015 0 Comments • views: 1567

remington_700_sps__58716This is the inaugural article in a long-term project I’ve chosen to call the Remington 700 Project.

Since I’ve been having so much fun with my 223 AR, my original thought was to acquire a 308 AR.  Then two things happened. First, I realized that most of my shooting would be casual target shooting.  The longest range at my local gun club is 500 yards.  Second, I realized that the price of a high quality bolt action 308 is about half the cost (or less) of a 308/7.62 AR.  Then something in the back of my mind said, “You’ve always wanted a bolt gun.” And living in Arizona, coyote-hunting season is all year long, so that would be something interesting to learn about and try.

My good friend Greg not only is an FFL, he used to shoot competitively in long range matches.  So I have a bona-fide export to turn to for advice.  I told him what I was looking for and without hesitation he recommended the Remington 700 in 308.

Choosing a Remington 700 Model

There are 24 models of the 700 on the Remington website. The wood stock models are beautiful, but they are pricey and I’d prefer a synthetic stock anyway.  I narrowed it down to the Remington 700 SPS line.

I originally focused on the SPS Varmint due to the longer (26″) barrel until I learned that it has a 1-12″ twist. That would rule out the use of bullets heaver than about 170gr. I settled on the straight SPS, which has a 24″ barrel and a 1-10″ twist. After some commiserating with Greg on a Thursday to verify my assumptions, I gave hime the go-ahead to order it.  He called me on Monday to tell me it arrived.

From here, The Remington 700 Project will proceed at a pace dictated mostly by finances, but here is the initial roadmap:


The Remington 700 SPS comes drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Right now my preferred optic is the Leupold VX-3 4.5-14X40mm with the Varmint Hunters reticle. According to Greg, the Adjustable Objective and Side Focus features won’t add enough value to justify the higher price, given my intended use.  In the interim, I’m considering ‘borrowing’ the Vortex Diamondback 3-9×40 on my PTR-91.


Suppressors (aka ‘silencers’) are like crack: once tried, you don’t ever want to shoot without them again.  It is now legal in Arizona to hunt with a suppressor-equipped rifle. Primarily though, my motivation for a suppressor is reducing felt recoil.  I often introduce newbies to shooting and it will be nice give them a taste of big-bore that is not so intimidating.  More importantly to me, reducing felt recoil reduces the chance of causing a detached retina (I’m 61 years old and this is a hazard that becomes more real with increasing age.)

My current choice is the Thunder Beast Arms Ultra-9. Because this is the item with the longest lead time, within the next few weeks I plan to establish an NFA trust and submit the BATF-related paperwork.

This will be an interesting adventure

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