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Ruger LC9s

Filed in Articles, Ruger LC9, Shooting by on October 22, 2015 0 Comments • views: 908

lc9s3I bought a Ruger LC9s Pro.

I’ve never found an acceptable way to carry my Colt Combat Commander IWB concealed.  AN OWB holster work on my right hip works great but only if I wear an oversized baggy untucked shirt. I wanted an IWB holster that I could put on and take off without getting half undressed. As a result, I was foregoing my protection when I really should not have.

Recently I had the opportunity to handle a Ruger LC9s.  I was pleasantly surprised how well the small gun fit my hand.  I was also pleased with how thin (.9 inch) it is.  I was really pleased with how the trigger felt.

This is not meant to be an extensive review, but I have put a total of about 200 rounds through it of all the following with absolutely no problems:

  • Federal American Eagle 124gr FMJ
  • Magtech 124gr American Eagle
  • Federal HST 124gr
  • Israeli Military Industries (IMI) 124gr FMJ
  • Israeli Military Industries (IMI) 115gr FMJ
  • Corbon DPX 115gr

For concealed carry I am wearing it at the 5 o-clock position in a Multi-Holster Elite Quick Ship IWB holster  and it is very comfortable. It sits on my desk when I’m here in the office and I can put it on in about three seconds. Extraction from and re-insertion into the holster is smooth with no snags.

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