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Hornady Rapid Rack

Filed in Articles, Cool Stuff, Shooting by on December 1, 2016 0 Comments • views: 508

Hornady Rapid RackAbout a year ago, Hornady introduced the Rapid Rack. I instant recognized that it would solve a specific problem for me.

For my wife, an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine of Winchester PDX1 ammo and a laser is the perfect home defense weapon. (Though her favorite rifle to shoot is the Mosin-Nagant, believe it or not.)

She hasn’t spent enough time with the AR however to operate it instinctively.  My fear has always been that under stress she will forget to cycle the charging handle to load a round into the chamber.

The Hornady Rapid Rack solves that problem.  It’s hard to miss that big red handle sticking out of the ejection port.  One simple pull on it charges the weapon and the Rapid rack falls (flies?) out of the way and she is ready.

I’ve since bout Rapid Racks for both my ARs.  It also acts as a chamber flag, so there is never a question of wether or not there is a round in the chamber. One quick pull and the weapon is charged.

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