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Review: Brownell’s How To Build an AR-15 DVD

Filed in AR-15, Articles by on December 5, 2016 0 Comments • views: 475

How to build an AR-15I’ve owned Ar-15 rifles for a few years, but I recently decided to learn how to build an AR-15. I feel like it is more cost-effective to build from scratch than to buy and assembled rifle and then swap out parts to get exactly the configuration I want.

I’ve bought  a couple of books and another vendor’s video.  Brownell’s How to Build an AR-15 is in my opinion the best of the bunch.

It begins by explaining the evolution of the AR from M-16A1 through the M4 and the differences between them. Then each subassembly is covered in detail.

For example, the section on the lower receiver starts by enumerating the specific tools you will need and the parts down to the last screw and spring.  Then assembly is explained in detail.

This is a very professional high-quality DVD. Someone with no knowledge of AR building can watch this DVD and then confidently build their own.

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