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Bravo Company BCMGunfighter Charging Handle

Filed in AR-15, Articles by on December 14, 2016 0 Comments • views: 503

Bravo COmpany BCMCgunfighter Charging HandleNOTE: This item was purchased for this review.

This is the first of several small mods I want to do on my AR-15 to make it easier to use for a casual shooter like me. I find the ergonomics of the stock AR-15 charging handle to be lousy.  Back when the AR-15 was introduced, the practice was to operate the charging handle with BOTH HANDS. (Then how do you hold the rifle?) There had to be a better way.

I’d heard about the Bravo Company BCMGunfighter Charging Handle  so I wanted to try it and share my opinion.

There are two things unique about the BCMGunfighter charging handle. One is the large extended latch protruding from the left side of the charging handle.  (The BCMGunfighter Charging handle is available in three versions, each with a different size of extended latch.  I chose the Mod 3 version with the largest extended latch.

One problem with one-handed operation of a standard-issue charging handle is that a lot of pressure is put on a tiny roll pin.  The BCMGunfighter charging handle has been redesigned so that the force of operating it is directed onto the body of the charging handle and not on the roll pin.

Bottom line: I love it.  Even a casual shooter like me can now operate the charging handle with my left handle only. I let my son use it for a bit.  He wants one now.


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