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AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety

Filed in AR-15, Articles by on February 4, 2017 0 Comments • views: 582

I decided to add an ambidextrous safety to my Windham Weaponry AR-15.  While handling a friend’s rifle who has an ambidextrous safety installed, I found it much easier and more natural to move the safety from Fire to Safe using my index (trigger) finger than my thumb.

I chose the Battle Arms Development BADD-ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector.  You can choose from eight lever styles for both the left and right levers.  I chose the standard style for both levers.  I also bought an extra short lever to try on the right.

I tried both the short and standard style levers on the right.  I ended up with the standard lever there because it takes less force to operate it.

One thing I noticed immediately: The BAD-ASS lever operates much more smoothly and with less force that the original lever.

The BAD-ADD Ambidextrous Safety comes with:

  • Safety Center Shaft
  • Two levers, style of your choice
  • Two TORX screws (for attaching the levers to the center shaft)
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Detent Pin
  • Detent Spring
  • TORX key


  1. Remove the screw that holds the pistol grip onto the rifle
  2. carefully remove the pistol grip (I say carefully so you don’t lose the detent spring and ball that may come flying out)
  3. Remove the detect spring and detect ball.
  4. The old safety selector should slide out.
  5. Attach the left lever to the BADD-ASS Safety Center Shaft using one of the TORX screws and TORX key.
  6. Slide it into the hole in the left side of the receiver.
  7. Attach the right lever to the BADD-ASS Safety Center Shaft using one of the TORX screws and TORX key.
  8. Install the Detent Pin and Detent Sprint.
  9. Reinstall the pistol grip.

If that’s not clear there are many videos on youtube that illustrate these steps.  Here is one:


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