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Diamondhead Flip-Up Sights

Filed in AR-15, Articles by on February 6, 2017 0 Comments • views: 529

Twice now I’ve arrived at the range only to discover that the batteries in my Eotech 517 were dead. The second time it happened, my Army Infantry Fire Team Leader son was with me and he sad, “Ya know, Dad, you really need a set of backup sights.”

My rifle is a Windham Weaponry SRC (Sight Ready Carbine). It has a picatinny rail built into the top of the receiver, as well as a picatinny rail on top of the gas block. Of special note is that the gas block’s rail is in the same plane as the receiver rail. If yours is the same be sure NOT order a ‘gas block front sight’ (The rail on many gas blocks is lower that the receiver rail, so the gas block front sight has a taller base).

I also knew not to get a polymer front sight. The heat from the gas block would be too much for it. I decided upon the Diamondhead front and rear sight. They are aluminum and very sturdy, and easily co-witnessed through the Eotech 517.

After installing them, zeroing was pretty easy since the Eotech was already zeroed.  I simply adjusted the sights to align with the Eotech’s red dot.

I fired a few rounds with the Eotech turned off and using the Diamondhead sights only.  I was a wee bit less accurate I’ll admit, but that is due to my 65 year-old eyes and a set of glasses that need an update.

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