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CAT Outdoors AR-15/M4 BCG Cleaning Tool

Filed in AR-15 by on June 10, 2017 0 Comments • views: 548

I’ve always wanted a way to get down inside the recesses of an AR-15 bolt carrier and clean it will.  Trying to use gun patches or twisted bits of rag didn’t instill me with confidence. Then I discovered the CAT Outdoors AR-15 BCG Cleaning Tool.

AR-15 BCG Cleaning Tool

The Carrier Cleaner/Scraper allows you to get down inside the BCG cavity and scrape out any deposits.  Then insert a cleaning patch through the Patch Hole and coat it with some CLP.  Shove it down into the cavity and twist it around.

I’ve tried a couple different devices for removing the carbon from the bolt. The Bolt Cleaner/Scraper end of this tool works better than anything else I’ve tried. And finally, the Firing Pin Cleaner removes carbon deposits from the firing pin.

This video demonstrates how to use it:

I bought my CAT Outdoors BCG Cleaning Tool at Brownells.

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