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AimShot’s New High-Power 223 Laser Bore Sight

Filed in Articles, Remington 700 Project, Shooting by on June 12, 2017 0 Comments • views: 647

After mounting the Leupold VX-3i scope on my Remington 700, it was time to zero it.  I’d used an earlier version of AimShot’s laser bore sight for my AR, but I found the laser wasn’t bright enough for my old eyes out in the bright sunlight.

Since then AimShot has introduced a new model with a high power laser diode. It works perfectly. I already had the 308 arbor (AR 76251) and so I ordered the AimShot BSB 223 20X Bore Sight.  It arrived a few days later complete with batteries.

The switch is on the bottom of the battery compartment. (It took me a while to find it).  Also on the bottom of the battery compartment is a magnet so that it can be stuck to the side of your rifle’s receiver.

At 25 yards, the red dot was clearly visible on the target.  With a few clicks of the scope’s turrets I was able to get everything in alignment. Just for fun though, I moved the target out to 100 yards.  I could still see the red dot clearly in the scope.  wow. Impressive.

I marvel at how easy the AimShot BSB 223 20X Laser Bore Sight makes it to zero a scope.  I remember trying to do this many years ago and how much effort it was and ammunition it took just to get ‘on paper’. No More.

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