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Inline Fabrication Quick Change Press Mounting System

Filed in Articles, Hornady LnL AP by on December 10, 2017 0 Comments • views: 691

I’m Back!  I’ve moved from the big city (Phoenix, AZ) to a place a bit more rural (Spring Valley, AZ). The selling of one house, buying another, packing, and unpacking consumed most of the last half of 2017, hence not much activity on this blog.

I’m really pleased with my new man cave.  At the old Phoenix house my Hornady LnL AP reloading press had to live in the garage (which made reloading during Phoenix summers unbearable).  Here in the new house however, my man cave is large enough that I built an 8-foot bench along one wall and mounted the reloading press on it. The bench serves multiple purposes and therefore was designed to be at the standard keyboard height (28 inches)  That would put the Hornady LnL AP at a height too low for comfort.

I’d read about Inline Fabrication’s Quick Change Press Mounting System and decided to give it a try.  The bottom line is that it is fantastic. The press is now at a comfortable working height, either when I am sitting or standing.  It is a much more solid mount for the press than simply bolting the press directly to the bench as I did at the old Phoenix house.  And as you can see in the photo, it has allowed me to mount the press so that it does not overhang the front edge of the bench.

I’m very pleased and I highly recommend this setup.  In fact I was so pleased that I added some additional Inline Fabrication accessories:

Second Top Plate For My RCBS Rock Chucker

My old RCBS Rock Chucker still gets some occasional use.  Instead of drilling more holes in the bench, I ordered a second top plate drilled specifically for the Rock Chucker. Inline Fabrication offers top plates in versions for almost every press made.  Swapping between presses is as simple as loosening two wing nuts.

Ergonomic Roller Handle

The Ergonomic Roller Handle replaces the stock Hornady lever. I was initially skeptical about this one, but it has turned out to be a vast improvement over the stock straight handle, particularly when I operate the press while sitting.

 Skylight LED Lighting System

I had been using Inline Fabrication’s earlier single lighting strip for a long time.  It got damaged in the move, so I decided to upgrade to the new Skylight Lighting System. It illuminates the shellplate really well. I am of the ‘old school’ that likes to visually peer into the casing and check the powder level before inserting the bullet and this makes it easy to do so.

Double Bullet Tray

Inline Fabrication’s Double Bullet Tray System is an unassuming little add-on that has greatly improved my productivity (reloading speed).  With my old setup, it always seemed that I had a long reach to grab a shell and a bullet.  Yes, I could have added a case feeder and a bullet feeder but I felt that would be overkill.

When I saw Inline Fabrication’s Double Bullet Tray System I know it was exactly what I needed.  The double-articulating arm allows me to position the trays (Acro bins) exactly where I need them for economy of motion.  I do believe that I no longer have a need for a case feeder.

The bracket that bolts to the press can be mounted so that the ‘arm’ attaches to the top of the bracket or the bottom.  Mounting the arm so it attaches to the bottom puts the trays at almost the same height as the shellplate.  Perfect!

So now I believe I have the best reloading setup I’ve ever had.  Time to load up some more .45acp!

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