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About Site Founder

I’m Dave Barnhart, a guy in his mid-fifties with an eclectic collection of interests. I live in Phoenix, AZ.

I received my first rifle – a 22 single-shot – for my twelfth birthday.  When I was about 20 I bought my first handgun, a Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum.  A little while later I traded it for a Colt Combat Commander and that began a lifelong love affair with the 1911 and 45ACP.

A couple years later I got married and quickly came to the conclusion that in order to continue to afford shooting I needed to start reloading my own cartridges, but I could not afford a lot of fancy equipment.

I discovered the Lee Loader, pictured at the right. It, a plastic mallet, a pound of powder, some primers, and a bag of cast lead bullets, and I was in business.  Suddenly I could shoot as much as I wanted without worrying about selfishly spending too much money.  Of course, what I was really limited by was the speed of reloading.  Reloading a hundred rounds per week was kinds pushing it, time-wise.

I graduated from the Lee Loader to an RCBS single-stage reloading press.  Oh man was I cooking! I could crank out 45ACP at an impressive rate.

Other priorities came along (house, new son, car, mortgage, career, etc) and so the shooting and reloading gear got put away. And then one day when money was really tight I sold it all.

Turn the page, my son was in his late teens and in the US Army Infantry and loving it.  One of the first things he did after finishing basic training was to buy a Bushmaster M4 carbine. He now owns two M4-style rifles.  We spent time at the rifle range together several times and I rediscovered my love of shooting. I acquired another Colt Combat Commander and discovered to my pleasure and my son’s surprise that I was still pretty good with one.

But now I wanted a rifle.  My mind kept going back to that day in my early twenties when a friend let me spend some range time with his HK-91.  I tried many rifles but none felt better to me than that HK.  My son was obviously listening on a few occasions when I was reminiscing about the HK. Last Christmas, my son pulled out a rather long gift-wrapped box and handed it to me.  “Here Dad, this is yours.”  HK had stopped making the HK-91 and HK-93 years ago but several manufacturers had copied the design and were making clones.  I opened that box to find a Century C93, a clone of the HK-93, .223 caliber. I am so fortunate to have a son who would do such a thing for his Dad.

I have discovered that there is no finer pleasure in life than spending time alone with your adult son doing something you both passionately enjoy. I knew that – once again – to make it affordable I would have to start reloading again.

It wasn’t hard to find someone who was getting out of reloading and buy his gear and supplies.  Once again I own an RCBS Rock Crusher. Setting it up was like spending time with an old friend. The supplies I bought from him included not only the gear, but enough 223 components and brass to last me for a long time. (It must have been 3000 rounds of 223 brass, half of it already primed.)

Now I’m reloading not only 45ACP and 223, but I recently acquired a JLD PTR-91, a high quality clone of the HK-91.  So I’m shooting and reloading .308 (7.62 x 51) as well.

And while the RCBS Rock Chucker single stage press still gets occasional use, must of my reloading is now done on a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP progressive press.